We offer fully tested and aesthetically pleasing fire rated windows and doors for your project requirements.

Fire Rated Screens

Supplying and installing Fire Rated Systems for many years, with literally thousands of happy clients throughout the UK.

FD30, FD45, FD60, FD90 SCREENS

Operable windows, doors and fixed partitions with a primary fire-rating of E30, EI30, EI45, E45, EI15, E15, EI60, E60, EI90, E90 in line with the BS-EN 1634-1 standards

  • Fittings to match the system
  • Secure face mounted hinges
  • Choose from a range of stainless-steel handles
  • Face mounted overhead closures


Fire resistance periods are typically described in terms of E – integrity and EI – integrity and insulation.

Fire classification E – integrity only Integrity only systems provide a barrier against flames, prevent the spread of fire for the given period.

Fire classification EI – integrity and insulation This category of passive fire resistance also offers a barrier against flames, , however, unlike integrity only the EI system will reduce the transmittance of radiant heat.


  • RC2 Security Resistance
  • Fire-rating: EI30, E30, EI60, E60, EI90, E90
  • Air and Water Class 4 and E
  • Thermal Ratings 0.86 to 1.07W/m2k
  • Clear, safe, fire-rated glass structure, with requested fire rating (30,45,60,90)
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